Wednesday, March 7, 2012

*The New Plastic Road

The New Plastic Road is a feature documentary about growth and change in a remote area in Tajikistan. Photographer Myrto Papadopoulos and director Angelos Tsaousis have traveled to Tajikistan for the purpose of making a documentary and to photograph a place that is in evolution. 

Tajikistan has been the poorest of the former Soviet States but it also has the poorest state of roads with limited external transportation links and with infrastructure weaknesses, which hinder development. China opened her doors to Tajikistan in 2004 by reconstructing the road between Murghab and the Qulma pass on the borders, with the intention of expanding her relations but also to promote commerce between the two countries. However, this new road has brought about the evident physical and social transformation of the region. This sudden change can be seen as a great opportunity for bilateral relations to develop between the two countries, political and economical cooperation, allowing the Chinese economy to attract resources from Tajikistan and the much needed Chinese goods to flow into the Central Asian markets. But it can also be seen as a ‘door’ that has opened up to new social issues. 

These images reflect the daily life in a remote and isolated society on the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan. This story is about power, growth and change. Even if life is changing rapidly, a visual silence characterizes the place. That is what the photographer strongly wants to portray through her images.

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